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Tags are keywords used to give more differentiating parameters to your transactions. Use tags to add specific details to your transactions, which will allow viewing even more detailed reports based on tags. The tags list in Preferences > Tags allows you to add, edit, or remove tags. You can use preset tags in Money, as well as create your own. Tags can also be added on the go, when adding transactions.
To use a word as tag, put # before it in notes. Using this method, you can write complete sentences in notes and use words in the sentence as tags.
For complete management of tags, go to Preferences > Tags.

Manage tags
Tags can be entered when creating or editing transactions on the go. If the tag you type in the note field does not exist, you can create a new tag from the entry you typed.
For complete management of tags, go to Preferences > Tags.

Add a new tag
To add a new tag in preferences, click the Add button, a new tag entry will appear in the list. Enter a desired keyword and press Enter.

Edit tags
You can edit tags in preferences by double clicking a tag in the list or ctrl + clicking a tag and selecting Edit.
This will allow editing the keyword.

Merge tags
If you would like to merge multiple tags to be reflected as one in the reports, you can use the merge feature.
Select multiple tags by holding Cmd and clicking in the list in Preferences > Tags and ctrl + click on them. Select Merge Selected.
This will merge selected tags into one and make appropriate changes in existing transactions.

Delete tags
Select a payee you wish to delete (hold Cmd while clicking to select multiple items).
Click the “-“ button on the bottom of the payee list.
Ctrl + click on the selected item(s) and select Delete.
Press Backspace.

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