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By default, Money backs up your data regularly so it can be restored if necessary. It creates regular backups for up to 8 weeks in the past, so multiple copies of your data will always be available on hand.
You can also make backups manually in Preferences > Backup by clicking ‘Backup Now’. Money can store any number of manual backups as long as your device’s storage allows it. Manual backups will be stored indefinitely until deleted manually.

Restoring from backup
Restoring from backup is a last-resort feature, so we strongly recommend only using it in cases where circumstances absolutely require it.
When you select a backup in Preferences > Backup and click Restore, Money will automatically disconnect from iCloud, wipe all of its local data, and replace it with the data from the backup.
In order to resume syncing across multiple devices using the restored data, all Money data must be wiped from your iCloud storage, and all Money copies on other devices should be reset as well.

Wipe Money data from iCloud:

  1. Disable iCloud sync on all your devices that have Money installed. Do this in Money Preferences > iCloud;
  2. Wipe iCloud data:
    on a Mac: in Preferences > iCloud, press the Option (alt) key – a ‘Wipe iCloud’ button will appear. Click it and confirm the action.
    on an iOS device: in Preferences > iCloud, lightly shake your device to do this, a dialog will pop up asking if you want to wipe Money data from iCloud. Confirm it.

To completely delete any locally stored information in Money on iOS devices, simply delete and re-install Money.
To get instructions on how to completely delete any locally stored information from Money on Mac, contact support at

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