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Money supports virtually all internationally available currencies and a variety of cryptocurrencies and offers constantly updated exchange rates. You can keep all currencies updated automatically or indicate your own exchange rates.

Manage currencies
Currencies can be added when creating or editing transactions on the go. Edit a transaction to change/add currencies associated with it.

For complete management of currencies, go to Preferences > Currency.

Add a new currency
To add a new currency in preferences, click the Add button and select the currency from the list.

Edit currencies
You can edit currencies in preferences by clicking the Details button on the right of the list by each currency.
A currency edit popover will appear. If you uncheck the checkbox to “Update Rate Automatically”, you will be able to enter an exchange rate manually and this currency’s rate will no longer be updated until you change this setting.

Delete currencies
Select a currency you wish to delete (hold Cmd while clicking to select multiple items).
Click the “-“ button on the bottom of the category list.
Ctrl + click on the selected item(s) and select Delete.
Press Cmd + Backspace.
Note: you will not be able to delete a currency as long as it has transactions associated with it.

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