Toolbox 6 ready for take-off!

September 25, 2020
Toolbox level up

This year has been very tough for most of us. But throughout this hardship we couldn’t help staring in awe at some of the incredible ways our products have been used by some of you who shared your captivating stories. As always, we are all eyes and ears about what our users have to say, and we have some exciting news about the Toolbox apps!

If you follow our developments, you know that we have recently completed our Toolbox range with two new apps – Toolbox for PowerPoint and Toolbox for Word. This means that you can now get Jumsoft templates designed specifically for the two of the world’s most popular productivity suites for Mac and iOS – Apple iWork and Microsoft Office.

The unmatched volume of original designs and templates that comes with every Toolbox app can sometimes turn from a blessing into a curse – especially when you need to find something quickly. Toolbox 6 is all about building on the foundation laid in version 5 and making improvements in content presentation and navigation! Many of you told us that some of the content categories have become too large for their own good (Diagrams, we’re mostly looking at you!). So we took the biggest offenders and categorized them internally. One-by-one. By hand. We don’t want to talk about it.

When you open the updated Toolbox, you will notice that the content category list has grown – most notably – Diagrams and Logos became categories with their own subcategories inside. For our Keynote and PowerPoint aficionados – Themes have been revised and categorized into more meaningful categories with a welcome price change – all Themes are now just US$4.99 each (down from 6.99). As always, you can buy them in bundles for even bigger savings!

Additionally, recognizing that some of our existing users might be interested to get into Toolbox apps made for Microsoft Office, we’ve started a limited-time early adopter promo. If you hurry, the entire Toolbox for PowerPoint or Toolbox for Word can be yours for much, much less than the usual price!

Download on the App Store!

Word-lovers, rejoice!

September 11, 2020
Toolbox for Microsoft Word

We know it has been a while since we’ve started offering Toolbox for MS PowerPoint. Many of you reached out to us asking what about Microsoft Word, and we kept saying it’s “coming soon” but that “soon” ended up being not that soon after all. Well, after an abnormally long App Store review process, it’s finally here! Say hello to Toolbox for MS Word!

Keeping with our tradition, we’re not starting small. Far from it. Over 30,000 designs are waiting for you as soon as you open the app! While they contain the familiar designs you might have seen in Toolbox for Pages, each and every item has been redesigned specifically for Microsoft Word to make sure you get the same level of quality you’ve grown to expect from templates in other Toolbox apps!

If you have used any other Toolbox app – you’ll feel right at home. If not, it’s a piece of cake to become familiar: items are divided into three clearly distinct categories, with further subcategories inside. Choose between ready-made Templates, highly adaptable Infographics, and Elements that will unleash your creative self! The new Toolbox makes it easy to work on multiple projects and cherry-pick the templates to use for each one. You can mark items as favorites, or add them into custom collections which are always just a click away!

We kept the best for last: all templates are native Word template files, so they can be opened and edited with any productivity app that supports Microsoft Word file types (yes, even on Windows devices if you copy the template files). In addition to this, Toolbox for MS Word is a universal app – meaning that purchases are accessible on both macOS and iOS/iPadOS!

Find it on the App Store!

More Power to PowerPoint

June 1, 2020
Toolbox for MS PowerPoint

The Toolbox family is growing! Say hi to its newest member – Toolbox for MS PowerPoint!

It is hard to imagine that a small passion project that started in a small apartment back in 2003 has grown into multiple apps with millions of regular users! Today, we have launched Toolbox for MS PowerPoint: it is another step in delivering the best templates for the major productivity suites, with the same level of quality and amount of content you have grown to expect from our older specialized products Toolbox for Keynote and Toolbox for Pages.

Toolbox for MS PowerPoint starts big: over 30,000 items right out of the box – every single one hand-made specifically for PowerPoint! That would be a lot for a mature app – and that’s just on day one! Users, who have used Toolbox for Pages or Toolbox for Keynote, will notice that Toolbox for MS PowerPoint is not a stranger: it’s presented with the same familiar UI and features introduced with Toolbox version 5. To signify that, we’ve started Toolbox for MS PowerPoint as version 5.0 – it marks the same code-base and core feature sets across all our templates products.

Templates from Toolbox for MS PowerPoint are not limited to just PowerPoint – they can be opened with any productivity app that accepts Microsoft PowerPoint files. In addition to this, purchases in Toolbox for MS PowerPoint are cross-platform, meaning that you can purchase once and use your items anywhere – Mac and iOS!

Check it out on the App Store!

Happy 5.0, Toolbox…

April 28, 2020
Happy 5.0, Toolbox…

…you are growing so fast!

In times like this we feel like parents watching our child grow, and we couldn’t be prouder! We know these are trying times for everyone, so we feel like this update is one of our most important updates ever. So many of us are adapting to the new reality and are trying to be productive in isolation, and in doing that, for so many Toolbox becomes a truly indispensable companion for productivity and creativity.

Version 5.0 is a top-to-bottom revamp: a brand new, streamlined UI (yes, dark mode is here too!), improved content structure, and a bunch of features that’ll, well, help you be more productive, such as custom content collections, where you can conveniently gather items for your different projects.

When you open the app, you will notice something entirely new – the Discover section. Toolbox has grown tremendously over years, and we understand that many users never even see a big part of the content that’s there. Since we know Toolboxes like the backs of our hands (we hand-crafted every item inside), we’ve decided to do our part in helping you discover noteworthy items and hopefully do an even bigger part in helping you find the look of your new project.

The new user interface has been designed to reduce clutter and make navigation easier for both adepts and new users among you: content has been redistributed into three major content sections: Templates/Themes (differs across apps), Infographics, and Elements. Within these sections, you will see content previews of each of the apps’ subsections, which can be expanded to view all content belonging in any subsection. The individual template view now offers a bar containing other templates from the subsection so you can quickly switch between different item previews.

Check it out on the App Store!

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