Welcome to the family, Google Docs!

September 14, 2021
Welcome to the family Google Docs

Toolbox for Google Docs has just been released and it’s the 5th member of the Toolbox family and the start of our new adventure creating for a new platform. We have observed the tremendous growth Google have achieved with the popularity of their productivity apps, and we started thinking – their users need templates too, right?

Not long after, we figured out all there is to know about how Google’s apps work and started the painstaking work of converting our existing designs to be native on Google Docs. This is how we managed to achieve over 30,000 items range right from day one and continuing from here, Toolbox for Google Docs will be receiving regular updates just like our other Toolbox apps.

Toolbox for Google Docs is a universal app, meaning that your purchases are bound to your Apple ID and transferred across Mac and iOS devices, so with the single subscription, you can use it everywhere. Toolbox for Google Docs is available completely free for the first 3 days, so you can say that your first project is on us! Afterward, it’s available in affordable monthly (US$6.99), semi-annual (US$29.99), and annual (US$49.99) subscription plans for unlimited use.

Check it out on the App Store!

Creativity now runs in the family

March 30, 2021

Creativity now runs in the family
We have some exciting news for you! Gone are the days when you had to download Toolbox on a family member’s device using your Apple ID for them to have access to your purchased templates. Also gone are the days when you had to share templates with family members so they could use them on their projects. No, we’re not suggesting you should cut your family members off. What we’re saying is that Toolbox apps now support Family Sharing for select in-app purchases! So the next time they ask, you can tell them “go get your own” and it will not cost a penny extra!

Starting today, all Toolbox content packs are available for everyone in your family group connected via Apple’s Family Sharing. This essentially means that any member of your family group can access another family member’s purchased content packs in Toolbox. We are sure that this will be a very welcome addition when so many of us had to adapt to a new remote work/study environment.

For technical reasons, this functionality could not be applied to individual item purchases at this time, so if you intend to share your purchases with family, please consider choosing any of the content packs in Toolbox. Family Sharing applies to the following: the entire Toolbox purchase, entire content categories (from the sidebar), and item packs (found within content categories).

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Safe Holidays from Jumsoft

December 22, 2020
Safe Holidays

As 2020 is nearing its end, we cannot help but stay optimistic that all hardships will pass and we will all be able to return to back normal again. The entire team here at Jumsoft wishes you happy Holidays, and all the best for 2021!

To help you share the Holiday spirit with your loved ones, we’re giving away some holiday-themed items that will help you make those last-minute holiday cards truly special! Look for them in all our Toolbox apps in Elements > Doodles.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay optimistic!

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