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A vast selection of designs and resources for your productivity in Pages

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Business Documents

A selection of professional Pages templates: from brochures and newsletters to meeting minutes and project reports. Created with your business needs in mind.

certificate flow proposal breezy brochure rackley calendar yearly basic
to do list square invitation vivid certificate professional thank you card canary
envelope rose fax light flyer small aqua brochure-tranquil
brochure beach to do list neat catalog crisp

Templates for Pages

A mixed bag of hundreds of stunning templates for your work or personal content. Ranging from business cards and brochures to recipe cards and wedding invitations.

brochure sharp poster independence flyer small icy brochure bright
poster-inspire flyer small cycle catalog easy certificate excellent
portfolio fresh poster goa project proposal extended stark brochure desert
brochure tracks gift certificate cerise brochure saffron sky


An ever-increasing treasure trove of quality visualization tools to add that extra special touch to any Pages document. Diagrams, maps, flags—you name it.


A wide assortment of tools for creating unique content with Pages, including custom patterns, bullets, image frames, and keyboard characters. Time to get creative!

smart scotch tape lanky diagonal weave
scratchy texture retro orange speck wall playful
line pale ornate imprinted gold
classic black snowflake ribbon card zigzag terracotta
jolly chalk drop sketch
leather blue shoelace tree rings elementary
doodle dream retro-orange-2 ornamental doodle serene

Design Elements

A premium set of creative items for illustrating your Pages documents, including icons, badges, ribbons, doodles, and clipart images. Add a bit of fun to your work!

Tree Trunk Garden Marine Labels Natural

Finance Minimal Soft Circles

Building Outlines Art Deco Labels Cocktails Crazy Birthday

Online Security Apps Flat

Transmission We Care

Beer Labels Swirly White Arrows Education

Letter Templates

Charming and functional letter templates for business and personal use. Print and send them by the good old snail mail or add as attachments to your emails.

open road happy hour coral vacation
great idea spring light note bene
christmas wreath dynamic vibrancy
snow shimmer songbird bloody fangs
graveyard cornucopia ruby glow
berry angle ice cold lets play
christmas gifts fine moments feeling blue

Corporate Stationery

Kits of matching business templates will help you create a consistent style for all your official documents, from business cards and invoices to memos and timetables.

brochure subtile mind 2 brochure subtile mind 1 envelope intensity poster blue ribbon
poster elementary brochure purple echo envelope elementary poster intensity poster master plan
envelope blue ribbon business report subtile mind quiz blue ribbon brochure intensity
brochure purple echo 2 calendar intensity brochure blue ribbon

Clipart & Icons

A huge pack of funky images to illustrate just about any Pages content, with themes ranging from home and family to business and science.

soccer ball skateboard road constructions bonsai

teddy bear picnic basket

nail polish rubber duck pine cone

yoyo coffee espresso maker


baseball dog_house halloween witch hat

coat hanger sewing pins coconut half angle


french fries paper bag clamp sheriff badge

4th of july hat coconut drink

bear panda baby hair ponytail sneakers flashlight ribbon_red

traffic cone razor_straight atom boots ugg ring engagement

stairs takeout_japanese dog charm sign_slippery toolbox

planet extrasolar whistle toy_piano geta sandals barbecue

matchbox ruby toy_wooden_bike building green roof ecology flag switzerland

Created for Editing

Desktop & Mobile

Prefer working on your iPad or iPhone? Choose the iOS version of Toolbox for Pages and access the same content, conveniently adapted for Pages for iOS. Compatible with Pages 5.0 or later, and Pages for iOS 2.0 or later.