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Transactions are the key element of Money. They reflect your real-life income and expenses and change the balances of your accounts.

Money has three types of transactions:

  • Expense: money leaves the account;
  • Income: money is added to the account;
  • Transfer: money is transferred from one account to the other.

Note: to get more information about or edit a transaction, tap the transaction.
To see more transactions with the same payee or category, tap the payee or category.

Managing transactions

Adding transactions
To add transactions:

  1. Tap an account in Overview;
  2. Tap +;
  3. Enter the transaction information:
    • Payee: select from the list of nearby payees based on your location or start typing a name and see if it appears on the list. If the payee is not on the list, tap the Add button in the list to add a new payee. You can later edit this in Preferences > Payees.
    • Amount: type in the necessary amount.
    • Date: indicate the date of the transaction.
    • Category: Money will suggest a category for known payees automatically. To change it, tap the transaction, then choose Edit.
    • Notes and Tags: Enter relevant notes and assign tags to the transaction, so you can find it easily later, or generate reports based on tags. To indicate a word as a tag, type # before it.
    • Transaction type or currency: tap “+/-“ to change the transaction type or “$” to change currency.
    • Attachment: tap the camera icon to attach a photo to your transaction.

Refunds: if you are recording a refund transaction, you can mark it as a ‘refund’ in the Category section – the refund toggle is available as the topmost entry in the list. Once you mark a transaction as a refund, its amount will not add to your income or expenses but will be taken from them.

Deleting transactions
To delete a transaction, tap the transaction, tap Edit, then tap Delete Transaction. Alternatively, you can swipe left on a transaction to uncover additional actions.

Moving transactions to other accounts
To move a transaction to a different account, tap the transaction, tap Paid From, then choose an account where to move the transaction.

Transferring funds from one account to another
Money allows easily transferring funds to and from existing accounts. A transfer creates two transaction entries in the related accounts indicating an expense in the source account and an income in the destination account. Changes made to one of the transfer’s entries are immediately reflected on another corresponding entry.

To add a transfer:

  1. Tap an account in the Overview;
  2. Tap Add Transaction;
  3. Tap Category and find “Transfer to” or “Transfer from” entries in the list;
  4. Select the appropriate account into or from which you will be transferring funds;
  5. Enter the rest of the transaction’s information.

Note: if the source and destination accounts have different currencies, Money will calculate the rate automatically, using the latest or preset rate. To see and edit rates, go to Preferences > Currency.

Splitting transactions
In certain situations, you may wish to account for multiple cash flow categories in a single transaction. Money refers to this function as a split. You can split a transaction’s total amount into different categories.

To add a split transaction:

  1. Add a new transaction or tap an existing transaction;
  2. Enter the first category and amount for it for a new transaction;
  3. Tap Split icon to add another category and amount;
  4. Splits will appear as you edit each category amount until their sum is equal to the total transaction amount.

Note: a single currency must be used when splitting a transaction.

Reconciling a transaction
Although you are likely to perform reconciliation on a regular basis and compare the whole account to a bank statement, Money allows reconciling separate transactions in the workspace.

Swipe left on a transaction you wish to reconcile to uncover quick actions, then tap Reconcile.

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