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A payee is a company or a person with whom a transaction is conducted. The payees list in Preferences > Payees allows you to add, edit, or remove payees. Money offers payee discovery using an Apple Maps API. You can also add your own payees when adding transactions on the go. Later you can customize them with personalized pictures, icons.

Manage payees

Payees can be entered when creating or editing transactions on the go. If the item you type in the payee field does not exist, you can create a new payee from the entry you typed.

For complete management of payees, go to Preferences > Payees.

Add a new payee
To add a new payee, go to Preferences > Payees and tap Edit, then tap “+ Payee”. Enter a name for your payee – Money will use an Apple Maps API to discover matching payees, or you can create your own.

Edit payee
You can edit payees in preferences by tapping the selected payee and then tapping Edit.

This will allow editing the payee’s name, address, location, add notes and tags.

Delete payee
To delete a payee, go to Preferences > Payees, then tap the item you want to delete. Tap Edit, then tap Delete Payee.

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