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What do I get if I choose to purchase the whole Toolbox bundle?

The bundle includes the entire contents of the Toolbox for Pages app, from templates to clipart images and other minor elements. All future updates will be added automatically and free of charge.

I updated Toolbox for Pages and now it wants me to buy all my previous purchases again. What should I do?

You can restore your previous purchases by selecting Store > Restore Purchases.

I can’t open my templates in the latest version of Pages. What should I do?

If you purchased the templates from the Mac App Store or Toolbox, make sure you have the latest versions of the application. If you purchased from our website, you can use your original serial number to download the updated version of the application at

I can’t select and edit text or images on Pages 5. What should I do?

If you want to access the media placeholders on Pages 5, you should select Arrange > Section Masters and remove the check marks from the option “Make Master Objects Selectable.” Now you will be able to edit the text. Then if you want to edit the images and shapes, you should again place the check mark next to “Make Master Objects Selectable.”

I can’t replace the stock photos in the frames from the Graphic Styles Set. How can I fix it?

You should select all elements in the page and go to Arrange > Ungroup. Now the media placeholders will work as they are supposed to.

How do I apply a bullet style from Graphic Styles to my document?

You can simply copy and paste a selected bullet style as you would with any regular element.

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