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Edit Templates, Edit Illustrations, Export as Image

Export as Image

If you need your final work exported as an image (for example to be used in social media), do the following:

  • Finish up your work in Pages, save it;
  • Use the File > Export menu to export your document as PDF;
  • Open the resulting PDF file with your image preview app of choice (Apple Preview comes pre-installed in every Mac and can be used for this);
  • Use the File > Export menu in the image preview app to export the document in one of the available image formats.

Edit Templates

After you open a template in Pages, you can do any of the following:

  • Type or paste your own text, add, and remove text boxes, and change the fonts;
  • Drag your photos or pictures onto image placeholders to replace the stock images;
  • Change the size and position of any element, including the text boxes, images, and shapes;
  • Change the colors of the shapes.

The templates are available in both ISO and US paper sizing standards. Whenever you start a new document, Pages will set the default standard according to your current system localization (System Preferences > Language & Region > Region).

Note: Some versions of Pages will prevent editing text in templates with embedded images using default settings. In that case, please take the following steps:

  • Select Arrange > Section Masters and uncheck the option “Make Master Objects Selectable.” Now you will be able to select and edit the text;
  • If you want to edit the images and shapes, you should again check “Make Master Objects Selectable.”

Edit Illustrations

After you open an item from Infographics or Elements sections, you can copy a selected illustration and paste it into your Pages document.

The illustrations included in Infographics or Elements sections come in one of two formats:

  • Pages’ native shapes, which you can edit fully in Format > Shape Styles. Most of them are grouped for easier copying, and you can ungroup them by selecting Arrange > Ungroup;
  • PNG images, which you can arrange in Format > Image Styles. To change their color, select the image, go to View > Show Adjust Image, and modify the relevant parameters (not applicable for black and white images).

The image resolution is suitable for printing. All images feature a transparent background so that you can place them on top of backgrounds of your choice.

Clipart images come in PDF format and will be opened in your default preview application. Afterwards, you can do any of the following:

  • Copy the image from the preview application and paste it into your document;
  • Rasterize the image by exporting it to a selected format in the preview application;
  • Print documents with the images, as the resolution is suitable for printing.

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