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October 11, 2017

We are putting the mighty Toolbox for iWork right at your fingertips wherever you go: it’s now available on iOS!

As more and more users rely on their iPhones and iPads to get their work done, we have been receiving requests to bring Toolbox for iWork to iOS. So we did! Toolbox for iWork for iOS brings more than 30,000 of our unique works for your productivity, all conveniently available for use anytime you need them.

If you own the Mac version of Toolbox for iWork, you will feel right at home with Toolbox for iWork for iOS. If you are new to Toolbox for iWork, prepare to be amazed by the sheer amount of beautiful content it brings you! All content is conveniently distributed into separate themed-packs, so you can easily look for things relevant to what you are doing. If you are looking for something specific, try the powerful smart search: it helps you find items based on theme, dominant colors, objects in templates, etc., just type in what you’re looking for.

Toolbox for iWork downloads content on demand to save space on your device, but also allows saving templates for later use offline. It also features deep iOS11 support right out of the box, so templates can be saved in the new Files app, as well as directly in Pages and Keynote apps.

The coolest part is that we’re offering it all for just $9.99 for the first week after launch, cheers to early birds and Toolbox for iWork Mac users! After the launch week promotion, it will be offered at a regular price of $29.99.

Toolbox for iWork on the App Store

Flat Is the New Black

August 24, 2017

Our Clipart and Stock Icons apps have enjoyed long-lasting popularity among users. Since their introduction, they have accumulated over a thousand of beautiful items in total. Keeping up with the popular design trends worldwide, we are expanding our clipart and icon collection with a new product – Flat Icons Lab!

The Flat Icons Lab is a new product, which is available as a standalone app on the App Store, and as a Product Pack in Toolbox for Keynote. It starts off with 280 beautiful new icon designs, presented in 13 rich categories, including, but not limited to Business, Home, Food, Industry, Medical, and many, many more.

The icons are presented in a high-resolution PNG format, so they are adaptable virtually anywhere, presentations, documents, print, websites – you name it. With the new color scheme and a sleek, minimalist look, every one of these icons is a piece of art individually, and will beautifully blend into your work.

It is now available on the App Store for a cool introductory price of $9.99 for a limited time! Flat Icons Lab will be getting the standard Jumsoft treatment you expect and love – it’s a single-time purchase with free regular content updates in the future. So it’s a great time to get your hands on hundreds of beautiful new icons for your work, with hundreds more to come.

Flat Icons Lab on the Mac App Store

Message to Money 4 users

August 17, 2017

Many users, who still use Money 4, have recently received messages from Dropbox that they will be dropping support for their current synchronization framework in September 28, 2017. It is only natural, that these users have one question: what’s next for Money 4?

Well, Money 4 will still continue to work normally as long as your devices’ software and hardware support it. However, with Dropbox removing synchronization support, it will no longer be able to keep your Money 4 data automatically updated across devices, and subsequent data transfers will need to be done manually.

We understand that many of Money 4 users rely heavily on data synchronization across devices. While we will no longer be able to modify Money 4, which was originally launched in 2011, as its architecture may no longer be supported by newer operating systems and hardware, we want to make sure that our users have an option to switch to a modern product, which is built on a future-proof architecture, and uses robust iCloud sync to keep data updated across devices.

To accommodate these users, we have made Money 5 for Mac available at 50% off its original price to encourage users to switch to a new generation of Money. It is now available on the App Store for just US$24.99. Money 5 for iOS is now at 60% off, for just US$1.99.

These are limited time deals so it is a great time to upgrade to a modern finance management app!

Read more about the new Money here.
Find out more about using the new Money here.

Money 5 for Mac
Money 5 for iOS

We are all eyes and ears!

August 8, 2017
Customer Center Blog

We have developed some of the most popular productivity templates apps on the App Store, counting a total of over 40,000 different templates among them. The chances are that for anything you need done, you can find the perfect solution within the collection. The Smart Search added last year gave users a new way to look for and discover templates for their work by searching colors, objects, and many other parameters within the templates. This time we wanted to go further and make it easier for users to communicate their needs with us.

Being #1 on the App Store means we have to always keep an eye on trends and our users’ requests. Until now, the most popular ways to reach out to us were either via email, or social media, which meant that people responsible for these areas had to forward all correspondence to appropriate team members. We have started rolling out updates to our popular Toolbox apps and their standalone product packs, which enable the new Customer Center feature, which makes sure that your message gets right where you want it to be.

The Customer Center is a new way for you to reach out to us and make yourself heard. The Customer Center button found on the top right hand side of the app’s window, right by the Search Bar, allows you to quickly and conveniently get in touch with us. It includes four topics: “I Love this App”, “Request Template”, “Report a Problem”, and “Send me News”.

Click “I Love this App” and you will be taken to the App Store, where you can rate and review the app: if you like it, share your love with others, so fellow users can discover the products we have prepared for them. Ratings and reviews make sure that App Store users can discover great products easily, and avoid spending their time and money on mediocre ones, which is often true with other template products from unknown developers.

The “Request Template” option gives you an easy way to suggest content to us. With the plethora of items available currently, it is highly likely that you will find what you are looking for on all occasions, but every once in a while you might have a specific request, a specific industry or topic in mind, so we want you to be able to reach out and let us know about it. We’ll do our best to accommodate your requests to make sure our apps continue to lead the App Store in content quality and quantity, and customer satisfaction.

While we do our best to ensure a flawless experience with our apps, it is natural that issues sometimes also occur, so we are making it much easier to report problems with the app and make sure you get assistance in a timely manner. Click “Report a Problem” to be automatically taken to your email client with an email message prepared for you: all you need to do is describe your problem and click Send. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Last, but not least, is the “Send me News” option. We often get questions from our users – where do they sign up for our newsletters. While there are options on our website and delivery page for legacy apps, you can now do that right from the app. Don’t worry, we never abuse this ability, so you should not expect more than a few emails from us per year.

We are very excited to roll out the Customer Center because we want to be closer to our users, so the next time you want to tell us something, the shortest way is via the button by the Search Bar!

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