Sweetest becomes even sweeter!

February 13, 2018

Money 5.3 is here. And it’s a big one! It’s the biggest release to Money, since, well, Money, and it’s the one many of you have been waiting for! We’re very excited to make your sweetest personal finance tracker even sweeter, and here are the sweetest parts:

Money 5.3 becomes a free download for macOS and iOS. You can now try out the app for free before you make any commitments! Money allows adding up to 100 transactions as a trial, so you can see if Money is right for you before committing to Money Standard or Money Premium.

Money 5.3 launches Direct Downloads that support over 50,000 financial institution connections across 57 countries! That’s a market-leading coverage, so chances are that Money supports the institution you want to connect to! This will keep your account data updated automatically, so manual transaction entry is a thing of the past. Direct Downloads are part of Money Premium, available as a monthly or yearly subscription plan. Direct Downloads are currently available on Money for Mac, but we’re working to bring it to Money for iOS as well! If you choose not to use Direct Downloads, you can always get Money Standard, as a one-time in-app purchase, valid for a lifetime. Money Standard allows using all of Money’s functionality with unlimited accounts and transactions. You can choose to opt-in or out of Money Premium any time.

Many of you wanted more control over your Money data, especially in terms of backups. Money 5.3 now has automatic data backups (enabled in Preferences), which will regularly and automatically back up your Money data, so you have a restore point in case something unexpected happens. It also allows creating manual backups as well, so you can have countless restore points, safely stored locally on your device.

There are many more not-so-obvious improvements with 5.3. Many will appreciate the added support for a variety of popular cryptocurrencies, others will love the possibility to enter custom values into all investments. There will be something for everyone to enjoy!

Users of pre-5.3 Money need not worry – Money will detect your purchase, and automatically activate Money Standard to enable continued unlimited use. If you re-install Money, simply open Money Preferences > Premium, and click Restore Purchases, your activation will be restored.

Check out the exciting new release of Money on Mac App Store and iOS App Store!

New ways of creativity

February 1, 2018
Toolbox for Adobe

One of our top goals here at Jumsoft is being creative and making creativity easy for others. This was the core principle under which we developed our first creative templates applications dating way back to 2003. These products grew over time and evolved into creative behemoths that now are our Toolbox applications. They offer tens of thousands of original designs for the most popular productivity suites, and the offering is constantly growing! If you’ve seen our 2017 review, you may already know this, but we’ve brought more than 12,000 new items into our Toolbox apps over the year. That’s more content than any one of us could use in five years!

And we’re not stopping there! There is only so much that can be done on dedicated word processing or presentation applications, so we have decided to give some joy to our power-users, who know their way around Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator apps, by sharing the image-editing ready graphics from our most popular designs!

Welcome Toolbox for Adobe! It is a Toolbox you know and love, designed for the ground-up to be the beautiful and intuitive storefront for graphics templates for Photoshop and Illustrator. From the day one it brings over 300 items for you to work and play with, and you can be sure, that the collection will grow in a typical Jumsoft manner, because we have an eager team to work on it!

The items are divided into two major sections: Illustrator Lab and Photoshop Lab, which have further 4 categories of items each: Badges & Ribbons, Clipart, Doodles, Icons. All of the items have been crafted by Jumsoft design team to be highly usable and customizable, so working with the will be a breeze! You will be creating your own badges, labels, graphics, characters, and much, much more in no time. All included designs are adaptable, so mixing and matching makes possibilities endless and results astonishing!

Toolbox for Adobe is available as a free download, allowing to check out the items that are available, and purchase them conveniently right in the app!

Check it out on the Mac App Store!

Jumsoft’s year in review

January 11, 2018

Toolbox for MS Office now on iOS!

November 28, 2017

Closely following the big new release of Toolbox for iWork for iOS, we are now showing our love to the Microsoft Office users on iOS: Toolbox for MS Office is now available on the App Store!

More and more users rely on their iPhones and iPads for getting work done, yet it often seemed that users, who chose Microsoft Office, were left on their own. Well, no more! Toolbox for MS Office for iOS brings more than 30,000 of our unique works for your productivity, all conveniently available for use anytime you need them, tailored for use with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint on iOS devices!

It shares the same great and intuitive functionality from the Mac version of Toolbox for MS Office: all content is distributed into 16 theme packs, which are easy and intuitive to navigate. If you are looking for something specific, try the powerful smart search: it helps you find items based on theme, dominant colors, objects in templates, etc., just type in what you’re looking for.

Toolbox for MS Office downloads content on demand to save space on your device, but also allows saving templates for later use offline. It also features deep iOS11 support right out of the box, so templates can be saved in the new Files app, as well as directly in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint apps.

Toolbox for MS Office is a free download on the iOS App Store worldwide. It offers some items in all categories free-of-charge for users to try and use, while the rest can be purchased for $0.99 – $4.99 per item. Frequent users will appreciate the availability of purchasing complete content categories for $9.99, and get an even better value by purchasing the whole Toolbox bundle for just $19.99.

Available as a free download on the App Store

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