Happy 5.0, Toolbox…

April 28, 2020
Happy 5.0, Toolbox…

…you are growing so fast!

In times like this we feel like parents watching our child grow, and we couldn’t be prouder! We know these are trying times for everyone, so we feel like this update is one of our most important updates ever. So many of us are adapting to the new reality and are trying to be productive in isolation, and in doing that, for so many Toolbox becomes a truly indispensable companion for productivity and creativity.

Version 5.0 is a top-to-bottom revamp: a brand new, streamlined UI (yes, dark mode is here too!), improved content structure, and a bunch of features that’ll, well, help you be more productive, such as custom content collections, where you can conveniently gather items for your different projects.

When you open the app, you will notice something entirely new – the Discover section. Toolbox has grown tremendously over years, and we understand that many users never even see a big part of the content that’s there. Since we know Toolboxes like the backs of our hands (we hand-crafted every item inside), we’ve decided to do our part in helping you discover noteworthy items and hopefully do an even bigger part in helping you find the look of your new project.

The new user interface has been designed to reduce clutter and make navigation easier for both adepts and new users among you: content has been redistributed into three major content sections: Templates/Themes (differs across apps), Infographics, and Elements. Within these sections, you will see content previews of each of the apps’ subsections, which can be expanded to view all content belonging in any subsection. The individual template view now offers a bar containing other templates from the subsection so you can quickly switch between different item previews.

Check it out on the App Store!

A Little Something for Christmas

December 20, 2019
Xmas 2019

Christmas is around the corner! If you are writing letters for Christmas, we can help them stand out! Letter Templates > Occasions pack in Toolbox for Pages and Toolbox for MS Office is now free as a gift from us to you! We have also discounted the Elements and Graphics content packs for holidays in all Toolbox apps, so you can make your letters truly special!

Happy and harmonious holidays from all of us at Jumsoft! We’ll see you in 2020!

Productive Black Friday

November 28, 2019
Black Friday 2019 - Jumsoft

Keeping up with the tradition, we’re announcing Black Friday deals spanning all our products, so you can stock up for your productivity or try out new things – all at a great price!

  • Toolbox for Pages, Toolbox for Keynote and Toolbox for MS Office offer all content bundles at 60% off!
  • Toolbox for iWork offers 50% off Lifetime access to all its content.
  • Money Standard with unlimited accounts is available at 60% off for Mac and 67% off for iOS.

It’s an amazing opportunity to take your work to a completely next level with the plethora of print, document, infographics, and slideshow templates from the Toolbox apps, or start a good habit of keeping track of your budget with Money!

Check out our apps on the App Store!

Toolbox for iWork advances into the future

July 29, 2019
Toolbox for iWork advances into the future

We have just launched a massive update to our Toolbox for iWork! We have been working on it for a long time, and it’s finally here with one of our users’ most anticipated features possibly ever. Toolbox for iWork goes universal across macOS and iOS! It means that once you subscribe/purchase on one of these platforms, you will have access to your content everywhere!

Achieving seamless activation across different platforms without having our users go through additional registration processes and creation of additional user accounts was tough, but it’s here now. All you need to do is use the same iCloud account across all these devices, and Toolbox for iWork will do the rest.

For this to work initially, simply update and run the app on the platform where you originally purchased it, and make sure it is activated there. Once it is, you can download and install Toolbox for iWork on all your iCloud-connected devices and it should automatically activate your content in a few moments. Should it not activate, use the Restore Purchases option.

Some of our earlier users were concerned what happens with their purchases now that the app became a free download and relies on in-app purchases/subscriptions for activation. No worries! We are keeping true to our promise and all users of Toolbox for iWork from before this transition will be automatically granted a Lifetime activation. Should you need to re-install the app on another device, simply use the Restore Purchases option to get access to your items. Naturally, this will only work with the Apple ID that was used to purchase the app previously.

Toolbox for iWork is updated with new content regularly. It becomes available in the app automatically.
Download Toolbox for iWork for Mac
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