News on Our Standalone Apps

May 22, 2015

As you might know, we discontinued most of our standalone apps for iWork a few months ago and transferred their content to the Toolboxes. That was great news for tens of thousands of our clients. However, it turned out to be less lucky for those of you who previously owned the standalone apps and missed the chance to buy the Toolboxes at a discounted price.

Therefore, we’re now not only working to bring Themes for Keynote, Business Mix Set, Elements for iWork, and other much loved apps back but also redesigning them to match the new look of the Toolboxes. That includes the clean and convenient browsing space, full-size preview images, and brand new app icons.

The relaunched apps will contain all the new designs that have been added since they were discontinued. They will also be updated regularly, just like the Toolboxes.

We’re planning to submit the first three redesigned apps (Themes for Keynote, Layouts for Keynote, and Infographics) for Apple’s approval next week. Stay tuned to be the first to find out about the upcoming changes!