Exciting News About Toolboxes for iOS

March 9, 2015

You’ve guessed it: The grand upgrade of all things Toolbox wouldn’t be complete without revamping our two iOS apps. Therefore, we’re proud to introduce the Toolboxes for Pages and Keynote for iOS, which both feature new interface as well as a huge content update.

From now on, the iOS Toolboxes include exactly the same content as the OS X versions, giving you an opportunity to work on any of your Pages and Keynotes projects on your iOS device. Corporate Style Packs for iOS makes its debut along 250 individual templates for Pages that are new to Toolbox for iOS. Toolbox for Keynote has also received a significant boost of diagrams, clipart images, and other elements.

As the other Toolbox apps, the iOS versions are free download that offer you a new, convenient way to view and to purchase thousands of add-ons for Pages and Keynote for iOS. You can purchase these by piece, by category, or by set. In addition, it gives you a snippet from each product category free of charge!

If you need some more information or would like to download the free apps right away, visit the App Store pages of Toolbox for Pages and Keynote for iOS.