Themes and Layouts Explained

May 31, 2018
Themes and Layouts Explained

Apple Keynote is a powerful tool for creating captivating slideshows. Its combination of customization options and ease-of-use is simply unmatched. Here at Jumsoft, Keynote is an indispensable tool for all of us. This is why some of our very first public works were designed to be used in or with Keynote.

Themes for Keynote and Layouts for Keynote are some of the all-time most popular categories across all of our products. It’s only natural – using our beautiful readymade templates shaves hours from making presentations! Our Keynote presentation templates are loved by home users, students, and specialists working in various industries.

New users often reach out to us asking what the difference between Themes and Layouts is. The quick answer is that Themes are designed for text- and picture-rich presentations, especially personal and product showcase. Layouts are much more adapted for various data displays, some of the templates come with their own infographics inside, excellent for professional and business showcases, plans, and reports.

Most Themes contain over 30 various slides with different text-box and picture layouts to make sure that whatever you are presenting, you can show it from the best angle. Layouts contain 20 slides each and they focus on a particular topic or theme while providing all kinds of slides for a complete professional presentation. Rich with graphic elements and infographics, our professionally designed Layouts will save hours of the time you’d have used to design everything yourself! This way you can focus on delivering the best possible content to your audience.

Themes and Layouts categories currently contain close to 200 templates each, so we can surely say that everyone will find something for their presentation needs. With more templates added via regular content updates, we’re making sure you always have fresh new templates to work with!

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