Money – Leaping Forward

September 7, 2018
Money Dark Mode

Money 5.4 release was a real blast – it brought a bunch of new features that greatly improved the Money experience for all users. Money for Mac users have been especially fond of the new classic Table view, which brought a great variety of transaction-sorting, and mass-editing options that were unavailable before. The completely reworked iCloud sync framework is breaking sync speed records with the most amazing speed gains noticed by users with very large databases. The extreme cases where things took minutes to sync, currently sync in mere seconds in post-5.4 versions of Money.

Naturally, as macOS and iOS evolve, so does Money. While it is a beast already, there is still so much more we want to bring into it. We have been poking around the developer beta versions of macOS Mojave, and iOS12, and put a lot of work in making sure Money is not only ready for them, but will embrace them!
Money for Mac will greet macOS Mojave with a fully-available dark mode that has been designed from the ground-up to look amazing. Many interface elements have been reworked to make them really pop out of the new, dark background. We know we might be somewhat biased, but Money looks stunning in black!

Money for iOS will also be getting lots of love from us. We are still hard at work to bring Direct Downloads into iOS so you would not need a Mac to set up and use it. In addition to this, we are experimenting with the upcoming iOS12 feature – Siri Shortcuts. It should be very helpful for quickly initiating specific actions in Money via convenient shortcuts or your voice. Of course, this is not the only way we plan to make Money more convenient and accessible for you, so you can expect to see a Money version for Apple Watch in the near future as well! We have been working long and hard to come up with a truly useful approach for Money on Apple Watch because we don’t think too many apps really reach their full potential on a smartwatch. We are optimistic that our users will love it once it is done.

We hope this got you even more excited not only about the new chapters to open soon in macOS and iOS, but also what Money has in stock for you!

Money is available as a free download on the App Store