Money 5.6 is here!

December 20, 2018
Money 5.6

We’ve just launched a new update to Money, which bumps the version number to 5.6. This update is more than meets the eye, with all the improvements it brings under-the-hood to make it the smoothest experience of Money ever! We’ve made this update all about the feedback of our users, so we know quite a few of you who’ll be very happy to find out, what we’ve added!

While we will not go too deep into what’s under the hood, there is still enough good news to share, that deserved a whole decimal number version bump! Most of them you’ll notice right away. We’ve built in rich notifications for scheduled transactions: they will notify you once a scheduled transaction is due, and you will be able to move to payment confirmation right from the notification! To accompany this, Money will now display a badge indicating the number of due transactions right on the icon, so you’ll know something has to be taken care of. Naturally, you will be able to enable/disable these in the system preferences for Notifications.

As part of our continued efforts on improving everyday personal finance tracking, we have also enabled a popularly requested Reports export to CSV functionality. We get a lot of feedback and suggestions from users about what they wish Money would be, and this request was systematically topping our charts. Its introduction is just one step in the long road ahead we have planned for Money’s Reports, so you can expect more noticeable additions to them in the future!

On the not-so-visible front, we’ve made improvements to the ways we handle connections to US/Canada banks, so Money should spend less time showing spinners and display more results quicker! In addition to that, we’ve made lots of tidying up before Christmas, so Money should be much smoother overall and sync should be quicker than ever!

We hope you’ll enjoy the new additions to Money, and managing your Holiday gift budget will be a breeze!