Jumsoft Clipart

Jumsoft Clipart

Spread the Joy

Whether you need to impress your clients, colleagues, patients, professors, or schoolmates, Jumsoft Clipart has something to offer. A total of 1600 polished clipart pieces will help you illustrate your presentations, invitations, greetings, Web pages, posters, newsletters, and just about any text content. Image themes range from home and family to business and science, and the collection never stops growing.

Wide Compatibility

The images have transparent backgrounds that allow placing them on sundry colors and patterns. In addition, they are available in two formats, PNG and PDF. PNG allows for more advanced image customization whereas PDF enables resizing images while retaining the high quality. Besides, Jumsoft Clipart is compatible with Apple’s Pages, Keynote, MS Word, PowerPoint, and various graphics editors.

Simple to Use

Using Jumsoft Clipart is very easy. It is not even an application and does not have to be installed. All you need to do is download the package from this site, copy the Jumsoft Clipart folder to your selected location, and use the images whenever you like. Use Copy and Paste or simply drag a selected image onto your document and drop it. Alternatively, you can purchase Jumsoft Clipart from the Mac App Store.