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The ultimate resource of versatile productivity designs for Microsoft Office for Mac

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Designs for PowerPoint

A treasure trove of elegant slideshow themes and layouts enhanced with matching charts, diagrams, tables, and other visualization elements.

white haze blueprint multi vitamin

idea sheet treat and prevent

geekling clear block color block facts and figures

boardroom subtile mind

mint condition left and right

cherry soda mercury block ocean safar

Templates for Word

Three exquisite sets of professional templates for business and personal use: from brochures and letters to greetings cards and jar labels.

brochure sharp poster independence ice cold brochure bright
poster-inspire songbird catalog easy catalog crisp
portfolio fresh open road happy hour brochure desert
brochure tracks gift certificate cerise brochure tranquil

Templates for Excel

A wide assortment of helpful spreadsheets for Excel, including budgets, invoices, receipts, comparisons, and planners.

expense report travel budget trip expense report daily food and calories log
organization chart 2 problem analysis organization chart travel expense calculator
assignment scheduler saving plan project budget business valuation
job search waste management home inventory

Graphic Styles

Create your presentation style from scratch with unique patterns, frames, bullets, and headline characters. Make your work as individual as your fingerprints.

smart scotch tape lanky diagonal weave
scratchy texture retro orange speck wall playful
line pale ornate imprinted gold
classic black snowflake ribbon card zigzag terracotta
jolly chalk drop sketch
leather blue shoelace tree rings elementary
doodle dream retro-orange-2 ornamental doodle serene


An ever-increasing treasure trove of quality visualization tools to add that extra special touch to any presentation. Charts, diagrams, maps, flags—you name it.

recycle diagram road trip population diagram
healthy living global banking
opec social diagram cloud computing
countries olympic games social media
multinational corporation check mate
point diagram creative industies promo diagram
film industry flat hues

Clipart Images

Hundreds of funky, top-quality clipart images with a vast range of themes: from food and furniture to wildlife and sports.

sewing pins coconut half angle salt and pepper pizza

formulas dog house

toy lifebuoy stationery items textbook red

fridge paper plane

soccer ball

weather cloudy snow chart bar ligh bulb off

matchbox molecule phosphorus wrench

weather thunder partly sunny

road constructions milk carton coin address book

french fries orange

sign sale paper sheets lined flashlight bank bulls eye

flip flops men sun hat photo slides sneakers beach bucket green

4th of july hat weather sunny teddy bear magnifying glass chart halloween pumpkin

contract alarm clock dog charm geta sandals money bag

credit card letter open mug coffee die beach ball

Elements for MS Office

A premium set of doodles, icons, badges, ribbons, patterns, and more unique images for adding a touch of fun to your slideshows. Let the excitement begin!

Tree Trunk Garden Marine Labels Natural

Finance Minimal Soft Circles

Building Outlines Art Deco Labels Cocktails Crazy Birthday

Online Security Apps Flat

Transmission We Care

Beer Labels Swirly White Arrows Education

Created for Editing

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Compatible with MS Office for Mac 2011 or later