Themes and Layouts Explained

May 31, 2018
Themes and Layouts Explained

Apple Keynote is a powerful tool for creating captivating slideshows. Its combination of customization options and ease-of-use is simply unmatched. Here at Jumsoft, Keynote is an indispensable tool for all of us. This is why some of our very first public works were designed to be used in or with Keynote.

Themes for Keynote and Layouts for Keynote are some of the all-time most popular categories across all of our products. It’s only natural – using our beautiful readymade templates shaves hours from making presentations! Our Keynote presentation templates are loved by home users, students, and specialists working in various industries.

New users often reach out to us asking what the difference between Themes and Layouts is. The quick answer is that Themes are designed for text- and picture-rich presentations, especially personal and product showcase. Layouts are much more adapted for various data displays, some of the templates come with their own infographics inside, excellent for professional and business showcases, plans, and reports.

Most Themes contain over 30 various slides with different text-box and picture layouts to make sure that whatever you are presenting, you can show it from the best angle. Layouts contain 20 slides each and they focus on a particular topic or theme while providing all kinds of slides for a complete professional presentation. Rich with graphic elements and infographics, our professionally designed Layouts will save hours of the time you’d have used to design everything yourself! This way you can focus on delivering the best possible content to your audience.

Themes and Layouts categories currently contain close to 200 templates each, so we can surely say that everyone will find something for their presentation needs. With more templates added via regular content updates, we’re making sure you always have fresh new templates to work with!

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Money: Next Steps

April 28, 2018

Money 5 is now more than one year old. And it was an eventful year as Money evolved at a tremendous pace! We have released more than 50 updates to Money across macOS and iOS versions adding features, offering bug fixes and improvements for issues that were discovered by our users.

Even before launching Money, we have already had a large roadmap of features that we wanted to introduce over time. Some of them have already made their way into Money, but the things that we are working on now are really something that we are very excited about and will bring noticeable changes into Money, as well as open the gates for the features we have planned further in the future.

Our development team is already finishing up a proprietary iCloud sync framework, which will not only bring a significantly quicker, more reliable, and overall seamless iCloud sync experience to the users of Money, but will also open up more possibilities to add features in the future. This is the only upcoming feature that we hope our users will never get to see. Simply because we want iCloud sync to be so quick and flawless that you never have to notice it.

In addition to that, we are also working hard on bringing Direct Downloads as a standalone feature in Money for iOS. Meaning that you will no longer need a Mac to use it. This is very important to us because there is a substantial and constantly growing base of users, who rely on iOS devices as their primary daily drivers.

We are also hard at work on something that will make Money not just a personal finance tracker, but also a powerful personal accounting tool, something that was popularly requested from us since day one – a table view in accounts. It will bring an industry-standard column view, which will enable more flexibility and sorting options, as well as a much more condensed view of your transactions! In addition to this, we also plan to implement budget presets, so you could easily keep track of multiple budgets at once.

Additionally, we are working on another feature, that was a very popular request by users – shared accounts. This means that you will soon be able to keep track of your own accounts, as well as have shared accounts with your family and friends.

We are convinced that these significant additions will only strengthen Money in being your sweetest personal finance tracker. We do not have accurate release dates for these features yet, but they will start gradually rolling out to users in the near future!

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Infographics revisited.

March 28, 2018

We are very proud of our Infographics products: they are some of the most popular and highest rated products from all our content categories. It is amazing to see some of the incredible works our users do with our designs and their creativity – all with your everyday productivity applications, most of which are readily available out of the box with any Mac or iOS device.

With the recent requests from users, we have been constantly adding more maps into Infographics. Currently, Infographics contains 3 different maps categories: City Maps, Country Maps, and Region Maps. Maps are groups of customizable shapes available to copy into documents or presentations, particularly useful when describing or displaying any data related to a geographical location. In total, there are almost 700 items in maps, so if you need a map, chances are that we’ll have it for you.

Maps are amazing for presentations. We have seen users use different maps to provide multi-faceted presentations that flow from a general outlook of the world to an in-depth look in a particular city or country’s region in the following slides. That can all be done by combining the use of items from all three maps categories.

Maps can be custom-colored, grouped, ungrouped to achieve your desired results. What’s more, you can use the readily available Infographic Elements or Chart Themes categories in Infographics to complement your work with a data visualization element that matches your overall design. All of provided items are beautiful on their own, but combining them can yield absolutely outstanding results. This is why Macworld called Infographics “phenomenal”.

With the recent improvements to iOS, and more iPad models supporting the Apple Pencil, creating amazing work on iOS devices has become easier than ever. You can hand-write, markup, draw on or adjacent to the designs from Infographics to make them truly stand out. Making professional-level work has never been easier!

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Toolboxes now speak more languages!

March 5, 2018

Our Toolboxes are growing, there’s no denying that! According to customer reviews – Toolbox apps are by far the best products in their categories in quality and content quantity. If you’ve seen our “2017 in review” infographic, you have likely noticed that we’ve added 12,714 new items across Toolbox for iWork, Toolbox for Keynote, Toolbox for Pages, and Toolbox for Office apps. That’s 1060 items every month, or, to really put it into perspective, 35 items per day on average! For 2018 we are committed to keeping up the same or even better pace and level of quality!

We are very delighted to see users enjoying our apps in all corners of the world. So we want to make as many of them as we can to feel right at home with our products. We are adding Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and Thai languages into our Toolbox apps, which brings a total number of supported languages to 14!

In addition to this, we are making sure that Toolboxes work fluidly and reliably for everyone! Making sure that apps don’t stutter with the sheer amount of content available in them needs a lot of work. The new versions come with under the hood improvements to make sure Toolboxes respond quicker and integrate new content updates more efficiently without using up your device’s previous resources.

Furthermore, we’ve recently had multiple reports about users not being able to restore their purchased items if they were installing on new or completely wiped Macs. Our development team have completely revamped the processes involved in restoring purchases, so in many cases this process will now be automatic. Nevertheless, should you need to restore purchases on demand – the option is still located in the menu bar’s Store section.

We are hope that you’ll enjoy these new additions to our Toolbox applications! The update is rolling out now and should be available for everyone by the end of day!

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