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October 2, 2018
macOS 10.13 Mojave

It has been over a week since the brand new macOS Mojave became available for everyone. We were very excited about this release because it brings so many novelties to the Macs we use every day. It looks like our users were also eager to get their hands on Mojave, because in the first five days of its availability, over half of our use signed into our apps with macOS Mojave. This adoption rate is one of the quickest we’ve seen across our user base.

Here at Jumsoft, we are no strangers to design, so we have eagerly anticipated Mojave‘s new Dark Mode and worked hard to implement it into all of our products as well. Money looks absolutely gorgeous in black: we have completely redesigned Money‘s UI elements for the Dark Mode, and used this opportunity to launch custom-colored tags as well. Every letter, every amount, every chart really pops out. Don‘t get us wrong, Money looks amazing in Light Mode, but seeing it in Dark Mode is truly something!

We have also revamped the UI for our creative products, namely the Toolbox apps. The Dark background around the templates really lets you focus on the content because the colors and details of every item stand out like never before. This is especially lovely, if you’re an owl and are most active at night – the dark mode is much easier on the eyes!

While the Dark Mode is the most noticeable improvement, we have made tons of under-the-hood improvements that not only ensure the apps are flawlessly compatible with macOS Mojave, but are much faster or more efficient than ever before on older devices with older versions of macOS!

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Money – Leaping Forward

September 7, 2018
Money Dark Mode

Money 5.4 release was a real blast – it brought a bunch of new features that greatly improved the Money experience for all users. Money for Mac users have been especially fond of the new classic Table view, which brought a great variety of transaction-sorting, and mass-editing options that were unavailable before. The completely reworked iCloud sync framework is breaking sync speed records with the most amazing speed gains noticed by users with very large databases. The extreme cases where things took minutes to sync, currently sync in mere seconds in post-5.4 versions of Money.

Naturally, as macOS and iOS evolve, so does Money. While it is a beast already, there is still so much more we want to bring into it. We have been poking around the developer beta versions of macOS Mojave, and iOS12, and put a lot of work in making sure Money is not only ready for them, but will embrace them!
Money for Mac will greet macOS Mojave with a fully-available dark mode that has been designed from the ground-up to look amazing. Many interface elements have been reworked to make them really pop out of the new, dark background. We know we might be somewhat biased, but Money looks stunning in black!

Money for iOS will also be getting lots of love from us. We are still hard at work to bring Direct Downloads into iOS so you would not need a Mac to set up and use it. In addition to this, we are experimenting with the upcoming iOS12 feature – Siri Shortcuts. It should be very helpful for quickly initiating specific actions in Money via convenient shortcuts or your voice. Of course, this is not the only way we plan to make Money more convenient and accessible for you, so you can expect to see a Money version for Apple Watch in the near future as well! We have been working long and hard to come up with a truly useful approach for Money on Apple Watch because we don’t think too many apps really reach their full potential on a smartwatch. We are optimistic that our users will love it once it is done.

We hope this got you even more excited not only about the new chapters to open soon in macOS and iOS, but also what Money has in stock for you!

Money is available as a free download on the App Store

Money 5 to the Power of 4

July 26, 2018
New Features

The sweetest finance tracker is getting sweeter with every update! Money 5.4 is the fourth major feature addition to Money and is a huge functional complement to the Direct Downloads functionality enabled with Money 5.3, which will make Money even more powerful in day-to-day finance tracking and management.

First and foremost, Money 5.4 brings more than what meets the eye. We have completely redone iCloud sync framework, to dramatically increase sync speed, and make it much more seamless than before. This is something, we hope our users will never get to see, simply because of how well it works. Reworking iCloud sync from the ground-up was necessary to establish a base for more advanced features that we have planned for Money in the future.

Other additions to Money are much more visual. With Money 5.4 for Mac, we’ve enabled an option to switch between the current modern view, and classic table view, which is much more condensed, presents data in columns, and allows much more sorting flexibility. This can be toggled in the View section of the menu bar. Did we mention you can now edit multiple items at once?

Additionally, we’ve done a little extra for users, who are still unsure whether Money Premium is right for them. Now, users who opt-in for a 1-year Money Premium plan, will get a 1 month for free to try it out and see if it’s right for them. Naturally, users will not be charged before the trial period ends, so the plan can be canceled any time.

The free version is limited to 100 transactions, while unlimited offline accounts and transactions can be recorded with a one-time Money Standard purchase, and Money Premium (Mac only), available in convenient monthly and yearly plans, enables all Money Standard benefits plus over 50,000 financial institution connections across 57 countries.

Money is available as a free download on the App Store

Themes and Layouts Explained

May 31, 2018
Themes and Layouts Explained

Apple Keynote is a powerful tool for creating captivating slideshows. Its combination of customization options and ease-of-use is simply unmatched. Here at Jumsoft, Keynote is an indispensable tool for all of us. This is why some of our very first public works were designed to be used in or with Keynote.

Themes for Keynote and Layouts for Keynote are some of the all-time most popular categories across all of our products. It’s only natural – using our beautiful readymade templates shaves hours from making presentations! Our Keynote presentation templates are loved by home users, students, and specialists working in various industries.

New users often reach out to us asking what the difference between Themes and Layouts is. The quick answer is that Themes are designed for text- and picture-rich presentations, especially personal and product showcase. Layouts are much more adapted for various data displays, some of the templates come with their own infographics inside, excellent for professional and business showcases, plans, and reports.

Most Themes contain over 30 various slides with different text-box and picture layouts to make sure that whatever you are presenting, you can show it from the best angle. Layouts contain 20 slides each and they focus on a particular topic or theme while providing all kinds of slides for a complete professional presentation. Rich with graphic elements and infographics, our professionally designed Layouts will save hours of the time you’d have used to design everything yourself! This way you can focus on delivering the best possible content to your audience.

Themes and Layouts categories currently contain close to 200 templates each, so we can surely say that everyone will find something for their presentation needs. With more templates added via regular content updates, we’re making sure you always have fresh new templates to work with!

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