Illustrate Your Point

Infographics is an extensive collection of data visualization images for your Keynote slideshows. Whether you want your presentation to focus on a particular country, explain the intricacies of an industry, or demonstrate annual financial results, Infographics has a go-to supply of quality visualization tools.

Wide Variety

The Infographics set includes business slides with charts and diagrams, themes of mixed data visualization elements, chart themes, maps, and flags of countries and international organizations. The set was designed for Keynote, but the images can also be pasted in Pages, Numbers, or iBooks Author.

A Cinch to Use

To apply any item to your presentation, simply copy and paste it. All images include transparent backgrounds, and you can place them on top of various colors or patterns. Most elements are drawn in shapes, which enable resizing and changing colors as well as adding and removing various image components.