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November 8, 2013
Some of our users have contacted us about various template problems they had started facing after upgrading to the new Pages 5, and we have a number of good news in this department.

First of all, a number of completely rebuilt template apps, fully compatible with both Pages 4 and 5, are now available for re-download from our website: www.jumsoft.com/delivery. They include Inspiration Set, Business Mix Set, Stationery Set, and the Corporate Style Packs bundle. In case you have lost your serial numbers, please email us at support@jumsoft.com.

The default format of the new templates is Pages 5, but you can also open and save them in Pages 4. To open a template in the earlier version, right-click on the Open Templates button on it and select Pages 4. To save it, hold down the Alt key, click Save Template, and select “Save as Pages 4 template” in the menu that pops out. For more info, consult the Help files included in the apps.

The second piece of news is that the Mac App Store versions of all four applications have also been submitted for Apple’s approval and will hopefully be available within 4-5 days. Those of you who have purchased the apps on the MAS will get the standard notifications about the available updates. Users of Toolbox for Pages will have to wait for the full compatibility a little longer, but we hope to submit its complete update next week.

One more announcement that made us really happy is that Apple is working to add some of the functionalities that didn’t make the initial release of Pages 5.0. Although the Sections feature does not seem to be coming back yet, we’ll get an option to manage pages and sections from the thumbnail view, which should make rearranging template layouts and removing extra ones much more convenient.

Finally, so as not to forget users of our Keynote products, we are working on those too. All Toolbox for Keynote items can be opened in Keynote 6 and are functional, although not without glitches, which will be fixed in the next update. We are currently rebuilding the separate apps and will hopefully be done next week.

That’s it for now – stay tuned for more news!
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